Regardless of how well you manage your people and policies, sometimes you cannot avoid having to avoid a claim at the employment tribunal.
We can help you prepare for tribunal, and/or reach a settlement, if appropriate, giving our expert advice regarding the merits of any claim.
Our fees will depend on many factors including the complexity of the claim. The fees that we would typically charge for handling your case are
set out below:-

Low Complexity Cases – From £2000 – £4000 excluding VAT
Medium Complexity Cases – From £3000- £5000 excluding VAT
High Complexity Cases – From £6000 – £8000 excluding VAT

In all cases we will take initial instructions, deal with pre claim conciliation, draft a pleaded claim or response, deal with all case management steps, draft witness statements, advise regarding the merits of the claim or defence. If we instruct counsel to attend their fees will be payable
as a disbursement.
The fees estimates set out above are for the time we would expect to spend carrying out a typical case on the basis that:-
The claim is for unfair/wrongful dismissal and does not include discrimination.
The final hearing is listed for no more than 2 days
There are only a few witnesses
There is no need for any case management or other preliminary hearing at the tribunal.
We are happy to provide you with a revised estimate if any of the above are applicable.


You may have insurance or other cover to fund your case. We will discuss that with you at the first interview.

The time it will take to reach pre claim conciliation will typically be 3-4 weeks
To reach a final hearing will be in the range of 26-39 weeks depending on the complexity of the case, the manner in which the parties conduct the case, the speed with which the case is listed at the tribunal.

Your case will be dealt with by a qualified solicitor and an agreed barrister where appropriate.
The hourly rate of a solicitor will be between £150 and £175 per hour plus vat.