Gail Escolme


Gail trained with a leading regional practice in Preston before moving to Kendal for 8 years.

She started her own practice in 2013. She has specialised in employment law throughout her legal career. Gail is a people person and takes great pride in building strong relationships with her clients.

She is a friendly, down-to-earth professional who is caring and eager to provide solutions and support when people need it most.



Clare Butler


Clare’s background is as a specialist in Schools HR Administration and Payroll.

She has many years of experience working with Primary Schools, High Schools and Academies, so she knows first-hand what the issues are and how to solve them.

Her excellent advice is greatly valued by all the schools she works with backed up by a comprehensive HR administration service that is second to none.

She believes a gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles – and she’s right.



Our promise is to be the gold standard of employment legal services by striving for stress-free solutions and creating positive, happy experiences for every client, every day.

We take a collaborative approach We’re always on your side. That means asking questions and sometimes giving tough advice.

We think it’s our business to understand yours. A relationship like that let’s us work more efficiently and effectively with you to anticipate legal risks and highlight opportunities.

We know it’s easy to make promises and hard work to keep them. But we also know that results are never an accident. They are always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent knowledge, and focused effort.



Passion. We are passionate about solutions and results.

We will always help and guide you through unfamiliar situations. We will get to know you and your business inside out.

We won’t bombard you with a long-winded letter when a short email will do. We have great inter-personal skills and that means we’ll get on with you and your team.

We are responsive; we aim to respond to calls and emails within 24 hours. We are cost-efficient and cost-effective spending the right amount of time on an issue and resourcing it correctly.

We are pro-active; we anticipate any issues that might arise and manage them. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of what you will need and want.

The provision of our legal services is delivered to you through which ever channel you prefer…it’s all about you!